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Ashes Betting – 3rd Test Day 3, Betting Preview

If the bookmakers odds are too believed, it looks like we are betting on either an Australian win, or some good old fashioned English weather, in this Test match.

The odds are currently, The Draw 4/7 – Australia 6/4 – England 16/1

Any remote thoughts of an England win in this Test match disappeared not long after lunch on Friday, and it now looks like England have slipped into survival mode.

Joe Root’s painful innings and the decision to send in Bresnan as (some sort of) night watchman with around 30 minutes of play left certainly gave off a massive negative vibe from the England dressing room.

Not that I’m suggesting they should be going all out for a win from this position, as I’m not, that would be stupid. But I do feel a little more positive intent wouldn’t go amiss (watch me slagging England off tomorrow now for throwing their wickets away).

Not much value to be had from trading the outright winner result on Betfair. I’ve tried to nick a couple of quid here and there to get rid of my current single figure losing position, but have had little success there.

It seems like it is going to be a case of the draw shortening every time a partnership develops, and then it will sharply jump at the fall of a wicket, only to shorten again almost immediately afterwards. Could be some money to be made there I suppose, but it can be a risky strategy.

If you lay first and England drop anchor and bat out a session without losing a wicket, the draw price will vanish. If you back first, and England lose a couple of quick wickets, you will playing a waiting game for the price to come back in again.

The weather forecast for Sunday and Monday doesn’t look great either, but the mid range one didn’t look too clever for Friday or today either.

All in all, be very careful if trading the draw.

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