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Ashes Betting – 2nd Test, Day 4

A fairly slow day on Saturday seen England bat Australia out of the 2nd Test and put themselves in a position to take a commanding 2-0 lead in the series. The damage was done on Friday, and from a cricket betting perspective the Test match was over thanks to Australia’s abject batting performance.

For anyone still brave enough to have a bet on this Test match, the online bookmakers are pricing it up as follows….England are 1/16 – The Draw 8/1 – Australia 33/1.

The big question today really is when will England declare? Australia are already 566 runs behind, and should England declare now, their is still enough time left in this match for them to chase the runs down, the chances of that happening are very, very, very unlikely though – to say the least.

In a way I understand England carrying on batting, as they are slowly grinding the Aussies down and breaking their resolve. At the same time though England already have more than enough runs to win, all they are doing now is giving Australia less time to bat out for the draw. I think Alastair Cook will look very stupid if Australia manage to salvage this, especially if they are 9 down at the close.

There is still possibly some cricket trading options available on Betfair, expect the draw price to shorten the longer England bat, and obviously England’s price will also drift. Trading the England price is very painstakingly slow though. Their is hundreds of thousands of pounds currently queuing up there, it took me about 5 hours to get a back and a lay matched yesterday.

Also, if Australia manage to build any partnerships there could be some trading to be done on the draw price. And then there is the 2nd innings total runs market. With the Test match already gone for Australia, will they bat with freedom and play shots? Or will they crumble again?

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