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Are Pakistan now Fixing Victories?

This is starting to get ridiculous now. The news that ICC are investigating scoring paterns in Friday’s ODI at the Oval where Pakistan beat England, looks on the surface a little bit of an over reation.

Apparently the evidence they received did happen, but just how wide ranging was this evidence?

Anyone could guess that two wickets might fall in the first 8 overs, or that between 60 and 70 runs will be scored between the 20th and 30th overs, it’s a calculated guess. It dosen’t mean that it’s credible evidence though.

Obviously I don’t know how credible or accurate the information is, but at the moment there must be chancers out there who are trying their best to create a story out of nothing.

I can understand ICC making sure they are seen to be acting in a responsible manner, as at the moment cricket’s integrity is on the line.

But they can’t get drawn into investigating everything, or where will it end? What next, will there be investigations into people predicting what route the coach takes to the ground? It could be never ending.

One thing that is for certain, is the fact that since the original allegations this is the way it’s going to be with Pakistan for the foreseeable future. Anything they do is going to be treated with an element of suspicion, a stupid run out, a dropped catch, a wide, etc.

I’m afraid it’s the price they are going to have to pay after what has happened recently.

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