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Any Sympathy for Paul Collingwood?

It was Thursday of last week that England announced that they had just sacked their only captain to have ever become a world champion, not only a world champion, but a record breaking captain with eight T20 wins in a row.
Hardly an eyebrow seems to have been raised or a keyboard tapped in protest. Why is this?
Compared to the fuss kicked up when ICC closed off qualifying to the 2015, 50 over world cup, this is being treated as a total non event.
I have to confess that I have never been Collingwood’s biggest fan, but even I think he has been treated very harshly here.
Just why has he been sacked? Obviously it is a forward thinking move to appoint Stuart Broad, but maybe I’ve had my head buried in the sand for a few days as I haven’t heard or read any kind of explaination justifying this decision.
Anyway, judging by the article in the Mail on Sunday, Collingwood is far from impressed.
This decision further proves (not that it is needed in my opinion) how ruthless Andy Flower is and how sentiment has no place in his mindset. I wouldn’t be surprised if Flower has already decided that Collingwood has played his last match for England.
Collingwood’s form has been abysmal lately and he was rightly dropped from the 50 over team during the world cup. Andrew Strauss’ retirement shows that the 50 over England team is working in cycles, so if there is no place for Strauss in it, then why Collingwood?
Add to that the amount of overs being bowled by Ravi Bopara for Essex this season, and the pieces of the jigsaw are starting to come together.
This doesn’t explain his T20 axing though, the next world cup is in 2012 and Collingwood’s age won’t be a problem for that. It will be interesting to see if Colly’s name appears in either of the limited overs squads for the games against Sri Lanka starting at the end of June.

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