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All well in the English garden for once!

What a difference a week makes eh!

A week last Sunday England were looking down the barrel of a 7-0 whitewash, they were stuck with the same squad that had been hammered by Australia and had to take it to the Champions Trophy where it will have no chance of winning the tournament, this useless bunch wouldn’t even get past the group stage and would be booted out when they returned home.

The diagnosis of Kevin Pietersen’s injury was bad, apparently he wouldn’t be fit in time for the tour of South Africa as the wound is taking longer than expected to heal. With the way England were playing at the time they needed him fit more than ever.

Then there was Andrew Flintoff refusing to sign his central contract. The noises coming out of his camp – mainly from his agent – where that he was going to play when he wanted and for who he wanted, or appear on celb based TV programmes instead. He would pick and choose his England matches and that would spell the end of his international career.

But wait,

Now all of a sudden everything has changed, England are now world beaters after three wins (honest), the players who didn’t know how to bat all of a sudden are taking top international bowling attacks apart. Kevin Pietersen is now apparently more likely to be fit to tour South Africa and Andrew Flintoff has announced he is available for all England’s One Day International fixtures for the 2010 season and has reassured the ECB with a written declaration of his availability and commitment to the England team.

Hugh Morris and company have all of a sudden had a complete turnaround in fortune. Also add to that they might have found another test player in Eoin Morgan to go along with Jonathan Trott, who is waiting in the wings for the South Africa tour.

Their good mood might be the reason they awarded Tubby Bresnan and Morgan the now infamous ‘increment contracts’ today.

All they need to do now is find the genie who can grant the ‘consistency‘ wish, what a difference a week makes, lets see where we are next Monday!

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