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A sad day for sport

It was poignant that ‘Whispering’ Ted Lowe should pass away just a few hours before the start of the 2011 snooker World Championship final. If that were not bad enough, only a matter of hours later Sir Henry Cooper also passed away.

I grew up listening to Ted Lowe and his voice was unmistakable, he is up there with the all time broadcasting greats for me, Sir Peter O’Sullevan, Bill McLaren, Harry Carpenter, Dan Maskell, Kenneth Wolstenholme and Richie Benaud.

Sir Henry Cooper was another legend of sport, the only boxer to ever be knighted and apparently the perfect gent. Cooper’s most famous boxing moment came in defeat to – the then called – Cassius Clay in 1963, but this is somewhat a misrepresentation of Cooper’s successful boxing career.

According to boxing writer Colin Hart, Cooper is supposed to have lost the will to live having lost both his wife and twin brother over the last couple of years.

Lowe was 90 and Cooper 76, rest in peace.

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