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A Crap Day All Round

It would be fair to say that I didn’t have the greatest day of my life today. So far this week it has been hard work keeping up with the cricket scores due to some of the abysmal reporting from a couple of national radio stations, on which I rely as I drive a van for a living.

I’ve heard reports such as Warwickshire need to bowl Hampshire out to have a chance to win the title, but with no score attached to the report, which is about as useful as telling me I need to get out of bed in the morning if I want to go to work.

It was even harder to keep up with the scores today after my van broke down at about 3.30pm and I had to leave it in a garage 25 miles away from home. So not updates on the score and I set off for the train station on foot in the knowledge that it will cost me £745.00 just to get my van back on the road again and that I will also lose two and a half days pay into the bargain.

At the moment of finding out all that, the county championship all of a sudden didn’t seem that important.

Anyway, after getting over that shock I got myself home and switched the television on to find out that bloody Lancashire had won the county championship. I’m not going to fault Warwickshire, after last seasons dismal showing in the county championship when we just about stayed up by the skin of our teeth, to be in the position of favourites going into the last day of the season is a pretty good effort in my book.

While I’m not happy for Lancashire, I am happy for Peter Moores, he deserves some good fortune after what happened to him with England. I heard him interviewed on Sky Sports News, where the reported eluded too the KP incident and commented on how Moores had remained dignified throughout that period and since, and still Moores maintained his dignity and didn’t take the bait, instead talking about how well his team had done.

Another special mention has to go to  Simon Kerrigan, his 9 wicket haul at Liverpool last week was a mammoth effort and must have given the whole team the momentum to carry into this last fixture. When I first read he had 9 wickets to his name, I thought it was match figures. It was a purely outstanding effort.

Congratulations to Lancashire (said through gritted teeth).

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