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58 All Out!!

I was quick to mock Australia for 47 all out against South Africa, and 60 all out in the first innings against England at Trent Bridge back in 2015, so it’s only right to take the proverbial out of England as well.

What a dismal showing. Joe Root talked of the importance of winning test matches overseas ahead of Day 1, and then played his part in his team getting bowled out for 58.

With New Zealand winning the toss and bowling on a green top, you expect movement and maybe to lose a couple of early wickets, but to be 27/9 – as England were at one stage – is a absolute joke.

Moving conditions early on, on a green top aren’t just second nature to English batsmen, they are first nature. I expect the likes of India and Australia to maybe struggle, but England should be used to this.

Also, Joe Root claimed he would have batted first on this pitch, and this after dropping a batsman. Not sure which is the worst here? It all looks pretty calamitous from where I’m standing.

Finally, it;s always said you can’t win a Test match on the first day, but you can lose one. England have well surpassed that achievement here. They have managed to ensure they can’t win a whole Test series inside the first hour, never mind the first day!

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