Ashes Spread Betting

If you are a punter who prefers spread betting to general Ashes Betting with a bookmaker, then you will be pleased to know that leading spread betting firm, Sporting Index, already have a healthy number of Ashes spreads available ahead of the 5 match Test series.

If you aren’t already a Sporting Index member, you can join here to get your Ashes Spread Betting started.

If you are new to spread betting, our Cricket Spread Betting Explained page will give you more details how the whole process works.

In the meantime, we have included an example below of how Spread Betting works.

Ashes Spread Betting Example

For example; In the Ashes series, Sporting Index think Steven Smith will score between (Sell) 385 and 395 (Buy) total series runs in the 5 Test matches.

If you think that Smith will score more than 395 series runs, then you would buy at 395 for a £1.00 stake. Steve Smith then goes on to score 445 series runs, meaning you win 50 times your (£1.00) stake money – giving you a nice profit of £50.00.

Assuming you did the same bet of buying Steven Smith’s runs at 395 for a £1.00 stake, and Smith only scored 300 series runs, you would lose 95 times your £1.00 stake money – giving you a large £95.00 loss.

These are only example bets and not the actual odds, but it just goes to show how volatile Spread Betting can be. Imagine doing £5.00 or £10.00 a run, and losing 95 runs.

If you are thinking about Ashes Spread Betting, please make sure – before you start – that you are fully aware of the amount of money you could lose if things go wrong.

Latest Ashes Betting

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