IPL Betting

The IPL or Indian Premier League is an absolute cricket betting extravaganza every year, with the all the franchises playing consecutive round robin matches over more than 50 days. Then depending on the format, these round robin matches are followed by eliminators, qualifiers, and the final.

The 2015 IPL sees fifty six round robin matches starting on 8th April, followed by one eliminator, two qualifiers, and the final on 24th May.

The IPL started in 2008 and immediately took domestic T20 to a new level. Before the beginning of the IPL I got the feeling that T20 (at domestic level) was nothing more than a bit of jolly up.

It seemed to be a bit of light relief for the players, a chance to let their hair down, throw the bat a bit without any pressure. Or if a bowler, and you went round the part, so what, it was only a bit of fun.

The IPL changed all of this. For want of a better expression, it professionalised domestic T20. The money that was invested into the IPL has ensured that all of the world’s best cricketers are present every year.

It is by far the premier domestic T20 event, and as such it is a cricket betting paradise. Due to the participation of all of the world’s best players and the intensity that the competition is played in, the IPL has now also become a premier betting event, taking betting on cricket in India to a new level.

The liquidity on the betting exchanges is excellent, and the online bookmakers offer loads of different betting markets.

The group matches are played continuously for around five weeks, with a game a day most days. It is impossible not to find a betting opportunity on the IPL.

The main betting markets are…..

Outright IPL Winner Betting – Which of the franchises you think will win the competition.

IPL Match Betting – In the 2015 IPL there is 60 matches played over the best part of a month and a half.

Top IPL Batsman Betting – Who will be the tournaments top runs scorer, also known as The Orange Cap winner.

Top IPL Bowler Betting – Who will be the tournaments top wicket taker, also known as the Purple Cap winner.

IPL Live Betting – Don’t forget that all IPL games can be bet on in running. As I stated earlier, the liquidity on the betting exchanges is excellent, which makes for plenty of opportunities for trading cricket on Betfair.

All in all there is so many IPL betting opportunities available, the amount of matches and markets for punters to choose from are second to none. I believe there are more cricket betting options at the IPL than at any other cricket event.