Ashes Spread Betting

The 2015 Ashes is nearly upon us, and despite the recent England revival, the Australians are still heavy favourites to – at the very least – retain the Urn, when the series starts in Cardiff on Wednesday 8th July.

If you are a punter who prefers spread betting to general Ashes Betting with a bookmaker, then you will be pleased to know that leading spread betting firm, Sporting Index, already have a healthy number of Ashes spreads available, with more indexes expected to go live in the days leading up to the 5 match Test series.

If you aren’t already a Sporting Index member, you can join here and claim £100.00 free to get your Ashes Spread Betting started.

A selection of the current markets offered on the Ashes by Sporting Index are……….

  • England Series Win Index; Sell 40 – 44 Buy
  • Australia Series Win Index; Sell 77 – 81 Buy
  • Trade Deficit: Aus/Eng (h); Sell 165 – 205 Buy
  • Series Volcano: Aus/Eng (h); Sell 95 – 125 Buy
  • Series Supremacy: Aus/Eng (h); Sell 11 – 14 Buy
  • England Series Wins; Sell 1.1 – 1.3 Buy
  • Australia Series Wins; Sell 2.55 – 2.75 Buy
  • Total Series Draws; Sell 1.08 – 1.28 Buy
  • England Zero Tolerance; Sell 112 – 120 Buy
  • Australia Zero Tolerance; Sell 82 – 90 Buy
  • Total Series Wides; Sell 44 – 46 Buy

If you are new to spread betting, our Cricket Spread Betting Explained page will give you more details how the whole process works. We also have a page of Cricket Spread Betting Tips, which gives you our latest thoughts, and advice on major up coming cricket events.

In the meantime, we have included a one off example below of how this method of betting works.

Ashes Spread Betting Example

For example; In the Ashes series, Sporting Index think Steven Smith will score between (Sell) 385 and 395 (Buy) total series runs in the 5 Test matches.

If you think that Smith will score more than 395 series runs, then you would buy at 395 for a £1.00 stake. Steve Smith then goes on to score 445 series runs, meaning you win 50 times your (£1.00) stake money – giving you a nice profit of £50.00.

Assuming you did the same bet of buying Steven Smith’s runs at 395 for a £1.00 stake, and Smith only scored 300 series runs, you would lose 95 times your £1.00 stake money – giving you a large £95.00 loss.

These are only example bets and not the actual odds, but it just goes to show how volatile Spread Betting can be. Imagine doing £5.00 or £10.00 a run, and losing 95 runs.

If you are thinking about Ashes Spread Betting, please make sure – before you start – that you are fully aware of the amount of money you could lose if things go wrong.